1.1. Our Clear Action Based Refund Guarantee On All Advertisely Purchases:

At Advertisely, we stand behind the ability of our courses to get you results when you spend the time studying and implementing what you learn. Because of this we simply ask that you give the course a fair attempt. Unless otherwise stated on the specific products sales page and order form all of our products, all Advertisely purchases come with a 24 hour no questions asked refund period. To have your refund qualify for this offer please reach out to our support staff via the intercom widget and request a refund. After 24 hours have passed the programs and services come with an action based 30 day money back guarantee.
In order to qualify for a refund you must simply do the following within 30 days.
1. Watch and complete all assessments up to week 6 (this means all content and tests prior to the week 6 module).
2. Create a WordPress Website with a fitting theme.
3. You must run ads to your Shopify Store; total ad spend must equal at least $100 USD.
4. Ask support for help in Business Concierge.
5. Make an honest attempt. This means you put effort in over the 30 day period.
An example of an “honest” attempt would be applying work over a 30 day period and participating in the training.
A dishonest attempt would be waiting till day 29 and then throwing all store together, clicking through the videos and aimlessly sending ads to your store.
We are extremely lenient on this and as long as you put in some sort of genuine effort we are more than happy to issue your refund.
We have this guarantee to protect the value of our information and coaching. It our responsibility to train you and coach you to the best our efforts. It is your responsibility to apply the training and coaching.
If you do not get results after applying, then it is our fault and we will happily refund you instantly. If you have spent at least 100$ on ads, we will reimburse you 100$ of your ad spend. If you do not apply the training it is unfortunately your fault.
As long as you intend to use this program and do the bare minimum above you you have absolutely zero risk.